About Projects & Maintenance Services Of Illinois Inc.

Projects & Maintenance Services of Illinois was incorporated in February of 2008 by husband and wife team Bill and Rose Murry. Bill is certified in welding inspection and is a Certified Plant Maintenance Manager. He has 45 years of welding experience and 33 years plant maintenance experience. PMSI is currently located in Kenosha, Wisconsin at 1346 54th street, at the corner of 13th court and 53rd. We specialize in SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, GMAW-P, and have all of the welding equipment necessary to meet your next project's needs. Whether you need 100's of parts made, on-site assistance with an industrial project, prefabricated piping, insulation installation and repair, steam tracing and repair, platform fabrication, stairway fabrication, or anything in between, PMSI has the skill and know-how to make sure it's done safely, efficiently, and to your expectations, no matter the material type. PMSI also has the ability to make sure all work gets inspected to your specifications through x-ray testing or any other NDT you may require. Past and present clients of PMSI include VRG Controls, Ivanhoe Industries, Ab Specialty Silicones, Vantage Specialty Chemicals, Matthews Paint, Fuji-Hunt Chemicals, and Warehouse Cubed.

Contact us at info@pmsiinc.com or 847-942-1977 to learn more about all of our services and receive a quote.

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